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THE MAKING OF THE HUMANITIES II 3 THE MAKING OF THE HUMANITIES SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE HISTORY OF THE HUMANITIES From Early Modern to Modern Disciplines 21-23 October 2010, University of Amsterdam Doelenzaal, Singel 425, Amsterdam Organized by Rens Bod, Jaap Maat and Thijs Weststeijn


subject programmes in Leiden University. This Board of Examiners has three members. ... Engelse taal en cultuur BA Engelse taal en cultuur 2 Film- en literatuurwetenschap BA Film- en literatuurwetenschap 2 Franse taal en cultuur BA Franse taal en cultuur 2 Geschiedenis BA Geschiedenis 7 MA History [60]


van die adelstand (veral oor hoofsheid), die burgerlike stand en die geestelike stand, die lied in die Middeleeue en die Middeleeuse wêreldbeeld en wetenskapsbeoefening. AFR 253 Afrikaans 10 A 2 lpw A 2 lpw 1 Literatuur- en kultuurstudie

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- The academic year comprises 2 semesters, each of 21 weeks in which lectures, examinations, completion of assignments etc. take place - Resits can take place in July

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Hantýrka, Dutch Bargoens, and more. Such speech varieties are often referred to as ‘secret languages’, and, to the extent that they draw on vocabulary deriving from a particular second language, as ‘mixed languages’. Their status as full- ... (mūy ‘water’), or sabsab ‘hair’ (ysibsib ‘to

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©Huub Wijfjes This text is part of the research project Pillarisation and Depillarisation tested in digitized Media Historical Sources. The project is made possible thanks to the generous support of Dutch Royal Library, the Dutch Institute of Advanced Studies NIAS and Netherlands eScience Centre

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** End of semester abroad might clash with start second semester at Leiden University Keep in mind that some universities, while not located in your region of specialization, may offer courses about that region (look at the courses available at universities in Australia, Canada, France etc.) ... Shanghai International Studies University ...


pbpl 1 intro to public policy analysis pbpl 2 politics & public policy pbpl 4 ethics, professionalism & public policy . writing across the curriculum courses — meet engl1c. engl 102w* intro to critical methods hist 36(engl majors only) hist 99w* the historian's wrkshp hist 20w* world hist: twentieth centur

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Les 2: Toneel in de middeleeuwen Leerdoelen: De leerling begrijpt dat humor afhankelijk is van ons wereldbeeld, en krijgt inzicht in het middeleeuwse wereldbeeld De leerling komt in aanraking met originele Middelnederlandse teksten De leerling leert hoe toneel in de Middeleeuwen werd vormgegeven De leerling leert hoe hij zelf een script kan ...

Rens Bod A New History of the Humanities: The Search for

Rens Bod and James Turner each embarked a number of years ago on a dauntingly difficult project for which there was no precedent: to trace the history of the humanities across two millennia and many divergent disciplines. Imagine their surprise to discover one another only shortly before their books appeared in print at about the same time.

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Creatieve studenten medewerkers en alumni deden eerder dit iaar mee aan de 'Humanities Matter kunstwedstrijd ter ere van het 444-iarig bestaan van de Universteit Leiden. vertaalden hetconcept Humanities Matter' naar verschillende kunstwer- ken die in deze wandelrollte zijn samengebracht. De tentoonste -ng -s te ten van 25 meitot8 juli

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Turnitin Direct Assignment Guide Turnitin Direct Assignment is used to formulate a student assignment. The work the student submits is checked for plagiarism. Following this check, a report is prepared specifying which texts are suspect and where the suspect texts were found. This guide explains how a Turnitin assignment is sent out and what the

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De adviserend arts beslist op basis van je medisch dossier of en wanneer hij je wil zien. Je ontvangt een uitnodiging waarbij je je afspraak zelf kunt kiezen. Afhankelijk van je ziekenfonds, word je opgebeld of uitgenodigd zelf te bellen om een gepast moment voor de consultatie te kiezen.

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2. ArtEZ has established regulations governing administration and management as referred to in Article 10.3b of the WHW, which can be found on the intranet. Article 1.7 Objective 1. ArtEZ has the objective to provide, promote and maintain higher education and research in the field of the arts, including as referred to in the WHW.

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allows for faster depreciation than straight line receive cash o ws from CCA tax shield faster increases NPV of investments the half year rule: in the rst year of its life, an asset is depreciated at half the normal rate, i.e. d=2 example: a r m purchases some Class 8 (d =20%) equipment for $150,000. What CCA can be claimed for the rst four years?

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ouderportaal. Studeren in Leuven een kalender 4 Ouderinfoavond Faculteit Letteren. 5 Ouderinfoavond Faculteit Letteren ... •Toepassing in KU Loket •Overzicht af te leggen examens januari en juni •Deadline voor derde woensdag van semester •Derde examenperiode (aug/sept): pas na

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afkomst alcohol slechter dan Westerlingen, omdat <A> Aziaten zowel drager zijn van allel ALDH2*1 als ALDH2*2. <B> zij gevoeliger zijn aan aceetaldehyde. <C> zij variaties in het genotype van ADH en/of ALDH vertonen. <D> Aziaten aceetaldehyde sneller afbreken. 7. Wanneer een chronische alcoholgebruiker gelijktijdig een hoge dosis alcohol inneemt

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Histoire(des(Arts(2011/2012% GeorgesRousse! Georges! Rousse! (1947/) est! un! artiste’ plasticien’ contemporain! français!de!renomméeinternationale.! Depuis ...

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Finance and the arts 150776_oratie_omslag_132_Pownall_klassiek.indd 1 07-12-15 11:20. Rachel A. J. Pownall is the first global Professor of Art Finance & Museum Management. She is founder and Academic Director of the Master in Art Finance program at TIAS, at Tilburg University, together with Fudan

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Liberal arts education (from Latin liberalis "free" and ars "art or principled practice") can claim to be the oldest programme of higher education in Western history. It has its origin in the attempt to discover first principles – 'those universal principles which are the condition of the possibility of the existence of anything and everything'.

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50.6 Economics Professor and Chair ML McMillan, PhD Associate Professor and Associate Chair BG Reid, PhD ... JDW Crowther, PhD BN De Luna, PhD JF Forrest, PhD HA Hargreaves, PhD RT Harrison, PhD DA Jackel, PhD ... Magister 50.13 Political Science Professor and Chair J Brodie, PhD Professors LH Craig, PhD G Dacks, PhD

Competentieprofiel arts Maatschappij en Gezondheid

De arts Maatschappij en Gezondheid integreert relevante informatie over en van individuen, communities en de bevolking als geheel tot gevraagde en ongevraagde voorstellen voor strategisch, tactisch en operationeel beleid 1.2.6 De arts Maatschappij en Gezondheid streeft ernaar elke beoordeling, keuze en interventie te onderbouwen met

Diderot, the Mechanical Arts, and the Encyclopédie In

Journal of Technology Education Vol. 6 No. 1, Fall 1994-47-private and state industry, and existing documents to create a systematic under-standing of the mechanical arts.


olie en pigment. Tot op het bot en terug naar buiten. Thesis Seks, geweld, het sublieme en ik Diep in de krochten van de mense-lijke psyche, onderdrukt door een vals geloof in onze superioriteit over de rest van de natuur, bevindt zich het dier dat wij zijn. Dat dier heeft behoeftes en driften die worden onderdrukt in de naam van dege-lijkheid.


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences natural sciences are committed to ensuring that every student persists to graduation. Through the campaign, we are investing in high-impact programs that have proven to increase student success, such as the School of Life Sciences BioBridge Program, which focuses on at-risk first-year students, as

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in order that we continue dreaming, hyperrealism is an integral part of a coded reality, which it perpetuates without modifying. In fact, we must interpret hyperrealism inversely: today, reality itself is hyperrealistic. The secret of surrealism was that the most banal reality could become surreal, but only


To be eligible for the Master of Arts in History you must hold a bachelor’s degree in History. If you have obtained a degree in a closely related field, you can submit a motivation letter to programme director [email protected] Good proficiency in English is essential. Unless you have obtained a degree from an English-

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Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College of the City University of New York Academic Advisement, Division of Academic Affairs For an Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Newsletter from the Section for the Arts of Eurythmy

my courses for those interested (Hogeschool Helicon)and the masterclasses (Theater de Regentes)took place. In the evenings all participants—around 100—with additional vis-itors attended the performances in the Theatre. At first a combined programme with fragments of productions of the Zilt-Ensemble (Den Haag), Birgit Hering (Berlin) and Mon-

Expressive arts: Experiences and outcomes

Expressive arts Experiences and outcomes ... All aspects of learning in expressive arts include opportunities to present and perform, for example through preparation of artwork for display, presentation of ... Through art and design, learners have rich opportunities to be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment. ...

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APOL 320 Apologetics & the Gospel 3 Technological Solutions & Quantitative Reasoning (3-6 hours)1 APOL 330 C.S. Lewis & and Apologetic Imagination 3 ...

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Cora de Fluiter | Je zou toch heel raar staan te kijken als je bij de huisarts binnenkwam en je arts zei, nog voor je ging zit-ten: ‘U krijgt van mij een ontstekingsremmer’, zonder eerst te onderzoeken wat er met jou aan de hand is. Toch gebeurt dit al tientallen jaren bij de behandeling van overgewicht.

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What Does the Working Man Want? 1 Fellow-Workingmen, Ladies and Gentlemen: I little contemplated that I should be required to speak after so eloquent an address delivered by the gentleman whose name stands in the city of Louisville as the synonym of honesty and purpose: Judge Toney. This I ask you not to consider as in any spirit of

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Protocollen Voorbehouden, Risicovolle en Overige handelingen Geprotocolleerde werkinstructies Vilans 26-07-2010 Protocollenoverzicht: 1 (van 17) Lijst met handelingen en deskundigheidsniveaus 1 Geprotocolleerde werkinstructies 2 VH 3 RH O 2 3 3 IG 4 5 opdr. 4 arts Injecteren


Para traerte a mi lado. Una alcarraza en tu casa, Chiquilla, quisiera ser, Para besarte en la boca, Cuando fueras a beber. Of the softest hair Of the softest hair which you have in you braid, I would make a chain so that I may bring you to my side. A jug in your home, little one, I would like to be... so that I may kiss you each time you take a ...

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Master of Arts in Counseling Course Syllabus Course Information COUN517 - HUMAN GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT Fall 2018 3 Semester Hours Location/Date/Time Room: SB003 Thursday, 12:30 - 3:10 INSTRUCTOR’S INFORMATION: Jennifer Cline, PhD, LPC Email: [email protected] Phone: 540.432.4213 Office Hours: by appointment

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dedicated nonchalant vehemence defiance nucleus vengeance deficient pacify whim disrupt parable wretched dissociate phase USING THE WORDS Just as good muscle tone helps you to use your body effectively, a strong vocabulary aids in using language effectively. The Vocabulary Inventory that follows lists words that should

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The presentation of Youssra El Hawary is part of Center Stage, a public diplomacy initiative of the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, administered by the New England Foundation for the Arts in cooperation with the U.S. Regional Arts Organizations, with

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LoKo Arts Festival April 26 – May 5, 2019 1 FRIDAY, APRIL 26 The Beat Authority with David Sommerstein Kick off the LoKo Festival, with a live broadcast from downtown Potsdam on North Country Public Radio. The Beat Authority is a dance music show, featuring the best in funk, latin, hip hop, African, jazz and other beats from around the world.

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have access to Toledo, you will need your KU Leuven student-ID and password. For example, if you want to enroll for the Toledo course “Proficiency in English IIA”, enter the code “HBT49d”. (You will find course codes in the brochure ‘Exchange